Song Island



The 1st and only Song Island compilation CD




Claudi Scott & Kevin Welch






Boo Hewerdine "Footsteps Fall".mp3

Poul Krebs with the Danish Radio Orkestra "If it wasn't for the wind".mp3

Frank Marstokk, drummer and musical guru, is from a small town in Norway above the arctic circle. He has been for years a big supprter of songwriters and organizes an event called SONG ISLAND. He would invite US and UK songwriters to come to Samsø Island and co-write in a workshop setting, usually held at the Brundby Rock Hotel (We love you GUF!!!). This isa vey special event that has helped a lot Scandanavian songwriters to become better songwriters and connect with others like themselves in the rest of the world. He has been able to hold similar Song Island workshops and showcases in other places in the world. (Nashville, London, Amsterdam, Cannes (Midem), Austin, København, Oslo, Fredrikshavn). I was invited 2 years to be the bass player in the band, We would learn the songs through the week as they were co-written and on friday and saturday have a performance of the writers playing the songs with us backing them up. Very stimulating to perform songs that have just been written and learned.

This CD is a collection of recordings of songs that were written during the workshops. It is very cool to have all of these songs in one CD and features Boo Hewerdine, Kevin Welch, Annete Bjergfeldt, Henning Kvitnes, Poul Krebs, Suzi Hyldgaard, Ester Brohus, David Olney and Teresa Anderson. The songs are from various recordings and I am really just the compilation producer though I did produce several of the tracks.

Many thanks to Håkan and Tørgny from Playground Music in Malmø for getting this CD out into the world.


Rikke, Ester, Emo, Henrik, Martin, Claudia at Song Island on the Brundby Rock Hotel stage.

Ester Brohus and Boo Hewerdine