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foto of the only platinum release I ever produced, happy to have it!






Forbandede Vidunderlige Tøs.mp3


If It wasn't for the Wind.mp3

Poul asked me to help produce him during the Song Island week of 1998, when I was playing bass for Marstokk's cool songwriter event on the island of Samsø on Denmark. This turned out to be a life changing event for me. During the production Poul asked me if I wanted to consider moving to Samsø and building a studio with him...I thought about this for a month and decided to do it. Together with Danske producer Søren Jacobsen and digital music computer wizard Paul Hamman, we put together Dansebjerg Studio in a old mansion up on the highest hill on Samsø island. I lived there for 3 years and met a lot of people who I consider to be important parts of my history now, Rie Toft (who realy taught me how to cook); Søren Jacobsen (who is one of the best musicans on this planet); Stefan Wolffbrandt and Bille (who will probably be friends for life if I caN keep up my end of the deal); Morten Bay and Anders Haahr and their SPLINT crew. Really in the end a major new part of my life. In the end however, the partnership in the studio was not meant to last....girl friend left...I had to go on the road to get work and Samsø, though, really beauitiful and idyllic, was to rural for me (5 hours to Copenhagen)....so I limped to Amsterdam to lick my wounds.

I learned a lot about protools during this time and hopefully helped the Dansebjerg crew off to a good start in the years I was there. I appreciate many people who live on the island and will go there to record and visit often through out my life I am sure. I hope Poul will always have good luck with his music and his beautiful family. Hello to Ulla Bille, Anna, Anders and Charlotta, Magnus and Eva, Ingegerd and Charlie, Preben and Bouffe, Malene B Eggers, Bjarne, Paul Martin, the lovelyMiss Vicki Skovoged,, Gry and Pia (who can sing like angels or devils); Sine Bach Rüttel.......too many to list.

We recorded this record in Austin at Andy Taubs place, Kingsway studio in New Orleans and at Dansebjerg. I got to call in some of my favorite musicans...Jon Dee Graham, Mark Andes, Raul, the guys from the SubDudes...cool sessions

The short mp3 excerpt "If it wasn't for the wind" is a live recording from a show in Copenhagen with the Danish Radio Orkestra of Poul singing a David Olney song. David is one of the best songwriters in the world and Poul is lucky to know him and have access to this kind of songwriter. If only Denmark could field a world class voetball team!!!