The Platforms

Crazy fashion grunge punk rocker grrrls from austin



The very first Platfroms cd "KICKED OFF"

self release in austin texas nov 27 , 2004


Ok this is really new and a story begins........From Deborah at Pink Salon in austin came a recommendation that this band and I should speak. They needed help to make a recording......Junie the guitar player emailed me, called me, just stayed after me and I liked what I saw and heard and so we made it happen. Today they are a much better band than a few months ago when we recorded this.......

Misty has joined the band on bass and she is brilliant and rocks hard.....she is like John Entwhistle, really but much cuter! I am Jealous of her abilities.

Laurie is singing great and commanding the stage with confidence,

Gigi is laying down grooves better and better and Looking ~GOOOOD!

And Junie is, wel......l she is Junie.....her fingernails get in the way of the guitar chords and the heels are a bit wobbly, but she is loud and proud and the mess she makes out of playing a silver sparkle les paul lefty is beautiful.....

We recorded these tracks in late march in austin at Top Hat and I mixed them in Amsterdam at the Tower Room.... considering they could hardly play and time was short, this is a fucking brilliant recording....things will happen here! The more they play the better they get....crowds love them and they are great to party with.....need any more???? Go see them play and check out the cd. (PS.... they recorded one of my favorite songs of all time as a cover tune....Javier Escovedo's "WIMP" from the Zeros days......