Michele Solberg



Beyond the Blue


Liquid...1/2 of it was recorded in my living room on Patterson Ave


Floating...co-produced with Claude McAnn





Small Symphony.mp3


Michele is a big talent. She won a best new singer Austin Music Award when she first moved to Austin. She works very hard and writes beautiful songs. I worked with Michele over 5 years and did 3 releases of recordings with her. She even came to Denmark where she met and played with some wonderful players who you can hear on her "Beyond the Blue" CD. I played bass with her for a good number of shows and she is fun to hang around with. We had alot of connections in life (we even went to the same elementary school only 20 years apart). I was blessed to know Michele. She taught me alot of things, like all the times I should have really commited to things more than I sometimes would, and how nothing really will ever stay the same for very long. She also literally grew up during the years we worked together. It is very interesting to see someone turn from 22-28 right before your eyes and grow-up as a songwriter, performer, woman and person. She became a clever composer and a more soulful singer and guitar player over this time. She would be a great producer and I have heard she is doing a little producing. Michele touched me deeply and these short mp3 samples are all very accurate atmospheric pictures of the moments she was in when they were written and/or recorded. She is very supportive of young and new songwriters in Austin. She was always saying that songwriters needed a safe and supportive atmosphere to grow into being a great songwriter. I have not seen Michele in awhile. I miss seeing her, I hope she will always do good and be happy!