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Baby my church is on fire.mp3

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Kevin is one of the singers and writers in THE GOURDS. He is a prolific writer and my guess is he knows 300 songs at any time. Both he and Jimmy Smith have done solo records. Jiimmy chose the path of self recording and self release and has made 2 records that people (including myself) call "Genius". Kevin took the path of calling me up and saying, " Hey Mike, let's go make a record". So we went to the now non-existent back room at Arlyn Studio in Austin and in one week recorded and mixed this beautiful thing called Buttermilk and Riflles.

It has some very very good songs on it. In this time period Kevin was really coming into his "presenter" voice and I think his singing on this cd is maybe better than on the Gourds cd's. (actually impossible to judge this!) This is definitely more a lot more experimental than the Gourds cd's, however. "Baby My Church is on Fire" is my daughter Julia's and all of her friends favorite song.

The list of players is impressive, so go buy one, listen to it, you will not be sorry.

Mark Rubin -bass and tuba

Keith Langford -drums and percussion

Amy Boone -piano and vocals

Deborah Boone -vocals

Rob Bernard -electric guitar

Max Johnston -mandolin

Travis -drums

Matt Cook -bass

Claude Bernard -accordian and electric guitar