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Jimmy is another artist who went to France and worked hard, scratching out a little corner for himself in a land where you think country music is hard to find. He is from Tennesee and has been a songwriter for a long time, whose songs many big time Nashville cats consider when they get ready to record.
I only was involved with Jimmy for a short time, and only worked with him once, for a few days, though we talked about it for a year. Jimmy is married to one of the Cash sisters and has gotten a lot of knowledge and inspiration through his life from getting to see Johnny Cash in family situations as a man before he is a star, as the father of his own wife, as a grandfather of his children and as a human being. Jimmy always said superb things about knowing Johnny in these ways and it made me look at Johnny Cash differently and with very much respect.

Phillipe Langlois at Dixie Frog Records in France was invovled with Jimmy, helping him release his records and he had a publishing deal with Sony Music France, where I knew Jean DaVoust and Susan Koc. They all suggested I get together with Jimmy and see what we could do. Soon after the four songs were completed Phillipe was able to mastermind a "Greatest Hits' release for him throught SONY special marketing and they put the 4 cuts we did on it as bonus tracks

The 4 cuts were done at Arlyn Studio in Austin and Jon Dee Graham played guitar for me again, what a blessing this has been to be able to call Jon Dee so many times in my life for sessions. Kris Mckay did backing vocals. I think Jon Blondell played bass. These sessions are the closest I have ever come to producing straight up Nashville Country style, and it is funny to me that it did not come from Nashville, but through France.

Jiimmy is very good at what he does and I can see from his website that he is maybe more active than ever as a performer. Good luck to you Jiimmy, I hope you always get what you need to be happy. I also wish you respect and a glib writing wit!