Jewel in the Mire





This is the cool new cover for JITM's cd "Getting Away With Murder" being released in NL, BLG, DE and the UK in early 2005. Check out my page and/or their web site...the booklet is an extremely cool collection of cartoons. Alfie Falkenbach at their label (Music Avenue) thought up the cartoon visual...Oh! just go look. This band rocks. At last minute before the masters needed to be delivered, we went to the studio Muhlen af Fruendshaft in Osnabruck Germany, and recorded "No Place To Go". It came out very cool so we added it to the masters........set in with the other tracks great! Check them out.....they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bart, Tim, Wibout & Roel


Tim at Dansebjerg Studio

Tim & Complex




I Can Manage.mp3

All You Can Do.mp3

Streets at Night (electric).mp3

This a great band. They live in Amsterdam and they rock hard. Their musical roots are Aerosmith, Cult and Hanoi Rocks. Tim, the singer, has been compared to Michael Monroe. They play their guitars straight into their amplifiers with no FX boxes and this pretty much leads you to the beginning of the situation. NO BULLSHIT ROCK & ROLL!

I have gotten pretty involved with these guys and encouraged them to get off their butts and help the rest of the world see how good they are. Generally Nederlandse bands are kind of lazy. Not working very hard to get shows or see if other countries might be interested in what they are doing. They are waiting for a label or an agent or a manager to make things happen for them. I am a firm believer in doing it yourself and not waiting for to be discovered by others. Too much time and energy can be wasted in the most magical and inspirational years of a bands lifetime.

I knew Bart and Tim from hanging at the Winston International and spent 6 months, little by little convincing them that they could be a lot more than they were. At one point I challenged them to go to the studio with me and let me show them how good they really were. Somehow this time period of convincing has resulted in these guys doing more shows each month in Nederlands, shows in Germany for the first time, scheduling and planning the first tour to the US, recording a great record and raising the inspiration and work they are doing to an high level. Cool! and they are doing all themselves. (well Patrick is now on board to help, god bless him)

We recorded this record in October 2002 and it is being shopped for distribution and lable licensing deals as I write this. We drove to Samso Island, in Denmark, at Dansebjerg Studio. The recording week was truly magical. Lots of rocking day and night and several very cool acoustic session where they taught themselves that you could rock with an acoustic guitar and brushes. Dansebjerg is a residential studio, so we lived there and cooked meals there, fought and cried, and while I was working my ass off in the control room, the band could walk around this beautiful island or play table tennis. I not the winner of any of the tournments, Bart was I think, but then I was working too hard to play as much as him (sour grapes).

I brought the sessions back to Amsterdam and we have been overdubbing and mixing in my Tower Studio since november, finishing in early February, 2003. Tim has grown as a singer and songwriter exponentially during this time. Bart understanding aout getting the bass to divide the track into events and crawl out of the speakers solidly. Roel played some fantastic percussion overdub parts that fit in with his drums parts great and sees cymbals as explanation marks now. Wibout has had to live with me keeping some of his playing in the mixes just because it was so innocent or spontaneous that it made the track have more life. I think he may still hate me for this, but when this cd comes he will be applauded as the brilliant guitar player he is.... I know this for fact.

Thank you Wibout, Tim, Bart and Roel for letting me be a part of what you do. I see great things for Jewel in the Mire. ROCK & ROLL IS BACK!