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Jennifer is a bright and soulful talent. I have recorded her twice in my career. Once in the mid-eighties, when she was a teenager playing in a all girl band called Go Dog Go, in the days of the New Sincerity movement in Austin. Other bands dubbed the New Sincerity included: Wild Seeds, Glass Eye, True Believers, Zeitgeist and Timbuk 3, all of whom I worked with. Go Dog Go never went anywhere, but I always remembered Jennifer as the star of the band. She was always around Austin though she took a couple of years off in Los Angeles fighting her way through the muck of the music business out there, before she came back. In 2002 we got together and I helped her record 4 songs which she put out on this self released EP. This is the first time she ever worked with loops and I think it kind of opened her eyes about a lot of things, though she told me some of her fans accused her of selling out by not using a band. This is always and interesting discussion. I am such a band guy and only use loops when I have a real good would be to help someone make a recording when they are just sitting on their butt complaining about not having a band.

Jennifer is pretty and is a ball of energy on stage. I her song "Garden of Heroes" a lot and hope she will continue her songwriting and her search for inspiration. She plays often in Austin, doing solo shows with her good pal Ernie. They have fun and sing really well together. I wish I had some more pictures of her, maybe she will send me some.....