A more Formal CV/info page of Mike Stewart


Producer-manager Mike Stewart has worked with many artists since 1980, Mike has been directly involved in the creative and business growth of these artists (often for many years), producing the creative development of artists and in several cases through his management relationship with them, the marketing, press, media, publishing, and music licensing aspects of their careers. Mike has taken a special interest in European artist development. Working relationships exist with signifigant labels, attorneys, promoters, agents and indie marketing/promotion offices the world over. Management and marketing experience includes the full spectrum of artist related business-art and cover development, image and media, video production and work-up, advertising and cd release co-ordination, all aspects of US, European, Canadian and Japanese Touring.......


KillJon Dee Graham Full 2007 Texas Music Group/US

Killer Bees Historical Compilation 2007 US

Joep Pelt - Lobi Traore' Yougoba Cadiz Music/UK Europe

Marynka Nicolai Too Much is Not Enough 2006 Bad Reputation/FR
Marynka Nicolai Privet 2002 Mosquarium/NL
Skip the Rush Skip the Rush 2002 Morpheus/NL
Jewel in the Mire Getting Away With Murder 2002 Self Release/NL
Steffan Wolffbrandt Stort & Smat 2001 Graemme Records/DK
Kevin Russell Buttermilk and Rifles 2001 Munich/Sugar Hill Records/US
Michael De Jong Immaculate Deception 2000 Munich Records/NL
Splint Splint 2000 Sony Music/DK
The Gourds Bolsa De Agua 2000 Munich Records/US NL
The Gourds Dem's Good Beeble 1997 Munich/US NL
Henning Kvitnes Heartland 2000 Samso/Playground Music/DK
Poul Krebs Tos Forbunde Vidunderlige 1999 SonyMusic/DK
Best of Austin City Limits Legends of Country Music 1997 Legacy Recording/US
Poi Dog Pondering Poi Dog Pondering 1996 Columbia Records/US
Poi Dog Pondering Wishing Like a Mountain 1998 Columbia Records/US
Calvin Russell Dream of the Dog 1994 Last Call/Sony/FR
DeadMilkmen Beelzebubba 1990 Enigma/Capitol/US
DeadMilkmen Bucky Fellini 1991 Enigma/US

Arlyn Studio, Austin, Texas
Brooklyn Bridge, Austin, Texas, US
Pedernales Studio, Austin, Texas, US
Sony Studio, NYC, US
RAK, London, UK
Paisley Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Blueprint Studio, London, UK
Denmark Street Studio, London, UK
Tin Pan Alley, London, UK
Mad Dog, LA, California, US
Ardent, Memphis, Tennessee, US
Farmsound, Renkum, NL
Dansebjerg, Samso, DK
The Cottage Studio, DE
Fear Factory, Osnabruck, DE
Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas Texas, US
Digital Sound Studio, Houston, Texas, US
ReelSound, Austin, Texas, US


Linda Eder  April – Aug 2008  RM/FOH  (US) Jazz/Pop,/Cabaret
The Gourds   April 2007 - Oct 2008 RM/FOH (US), Alt. Country/Rock
Joep Pelt- Lobi Traore’ June 2007 RM/FOH (NL, BE) World/African/Rock
Jewel in the Mire 2005-2006 RM/FOH (EU) Hard Euro Rock
The Winston International 2004-2005 House PM/FOH  (Amsterdam, NL)
Production/Venue Manager Access 2 Amsterdam Festival (Amsterdam, NL)
The Gourds 1996-2004 Manager/RM/FOH (US, EU) Alt. Country/Rock
Calvin Russell 1991-1995 Manager/RM/FOH  (EU) Rock
Poi Dog Pondering 1986-1991 Manager/ RM/FOH (US, EU) Pop/Hippie/Rock

True Believers 1985-1988 Manager/RM/FOH  (US, CA) Hard American Rock

Panels and Musician Workshop Director Access to Amsterdam Oct 2001
Co-Founder Samso Records & Dansebjerg Studio March 99
General Manager Dutch Label Munich Records America June 95 - Aug 97
Co-Founder Blue Tees Music Publishing July 94
Owner Mike Stewart Productions 1982-present

The Gourds 1996-present
Calvin Russell 1991-1995
Poi Dog Pondering 1986-1991
True Believers 1985-1988

Access to Amsterdam, MIDEM-13 years, NXNW, NXNE, SXSW-all, BID (Berlin), CMJ-7 years, In the City, PopKomm, Board member of NARAS 2 years (Austin Chapter)


Steve Ralbovsky -VP A&R RCA Records, NYC, USA;

Dave Hart -Manager, Agent, Linda Eder, Ringo

Jeffery Osborne-TM, FOH B-52's, Linda Eder,
George Regis -Entertainment Attorney, NYC, USA;
Steve Berkowitz -VP Columbia Records, NYC, USA;
Jeff Jones -President Legacy Recordings, NYC, USA;
Al Moss -Owner, Al Moss Promotions, Nashville, Tennessee, USA;
Cindi Lazzari -Entertainment Attorney, Austin, Texas, USA;
Roland Swenson - Director, SXSW Music and Media Conference, Austin, Texas, USA;
Louis Jay Meyers - Owner, Louis Meyers Productions, Austin, Texas, USA;
Tapio Korjus
- Rockadillo Concerts, Tampere, Finland
Hakan Olssen -Director, Playground Music, Malmø, Sweden;
Norton Blue -Producer, Blueprint Recordings, London, UK
Ben Mattijssen -General Manager, Munich Records, Wageningen, NL;
Jean Davoust -Owner, Jean DaVoust Editions, Paris, France
Michael Bisping -Director, ASS Concerts, Hamburg, DE;
Paul van Dijk -Owner, Kantoor van Dijk, Amsterdam, NL
Tom Bridgewater -Owner, Loose Music, London, UK;
Ingar Dirdal -Director, Music Export Norway, Oslo, NO
Suzan Koç -Director, BMG Publishing, Los Angeles, California, USA;
Barry Poss -Owner, Sugar Hill Records, Raliegh, NC, USA
Kevin Russell - Member, The Gourds, Austin, Texas, USA;
Bill Craig -Director ofd US Sales, The Reed/Midem Organization
Bos Flesseman - Belmont Bookings, Amsterdam, NL;
Margot Wagner -Tornado Concerts/The Agency, Amsterdam, NL

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